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Our School

Gale-Bailey Building


Our school was constructed in 1969 and we received a kindergarten wing addition in 2009.

Gale-Bailey Elementary School was named after two educators - Emma Gale and Esther Bailey. Both educators lived in Marbury and died in 1961 in a car crash after a bee flew in their window while driving home. Gale died instantly and Bailey died five months later from accident-related injuries.

Gale began teaching in Charles County in 1929 and was working at Indian Head Elementary School when she died. Bailey served as principal of Pisgah and Marbury elementary schools before becoming a first-grade teacher at Indian Head.


Our vision is “To create an inclusive twenty-first century caring community of unique learners through clear communication, creativity, and critical thinking.” 


The mission of Gale-Bailey is to prepare every student to become effective leaders in a global society. We will make an impact on students by operating in integrity, motivation, positivity, accountability, collaboration, and transparency. We will be equitable, student-centered, celebrating diversity, promoting teamwork, and using all the tools and strategies needed to be 21 Century leaders.