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Gale-Bailey Support Team

Ms. Towns
School Counselor



I assist students with personal and academic growth, educational and career exploration, development of interpersonal skills and provide services to the school community. I speak with students (individually and in group settings) and help parents make use of community resources.


301-753-1743 x103018

Mr. Anson
School Psychologist



I conduct psychological assessments, provide parent/student/teacher consultation, crisis intervention, behavioral support, brief counseling, mental health resources, and I’m a part of SST, 504, PBIS, and IEP teams.


(Monday/Tuesday & Thursday/Friday)
301-753-1743 x103173

Ms. Foxx
Math Instructional Specialist


I’m Michelle Foxx and I am the Math Instructional Specialist at Gale-Bailey Elementary. I support the teachers in the preparation and delivery of their math instruction by providing professional development, materials, models, strategies and research-based best practices to develop mathematically proficient students. I can be reached at for any questions or concerns about math.

Ms. Kavlick
Reading Resource Teacher


I am Kelly Kavlick, Gale-Bailey’s Reading Resource Teacher. I oversee our reading instructional program providing students with strategies to develop successful reading and writing skills. I work closely with our staff providing the necessary support to ensure a solid reading program and promote literacy development. Please contact me at if you have any questions or concerns.

Ms. Tascoine-Hoffman
Learning Resource Teacher


My name is Amy Tascoine-Hoffman and I am Gale-Bailey’s Learning Resource Teacher. As a Learning Resource Teacher (LRT), I will be working with groups of children throughout the year. I will work directly with students, collaborate with teachers, meet with small groups, and monitor instruction for academically high performing and identified gifted students. I also oversee all aspects of testing, including MCAP assessments and county pre/posttests. Please feel free to contact me at with any questions.