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Music (K-5)
Joy Jones

K – 2nd grade receives a developmental rating on their 2nd and 4th quarter report cards. These ratings are based mostly on participation and performance evaluations.  Students will be singing, playing percussion instruments, dancing and playing games.  In Kindergarten students are introduced to rote singing, playing a steady beat, exposure to different rhythmic instruments, as well as movement activities. 1st grade begins to experiment with rhythms as well as singing, movement, and playing instruments. 2nd grade continues to work with rhythms, singing, movement, and more exposure to different instruments and their families.

3rd through 5th grade receives the standard letter grade on their 2nd and 4th quarter report cards.  These grades are based on participation, written assessments, and performance assessments. Students will continue to sing, play instruments, dance and play fun learning games. In 3rd grade students will be introduced to note reading and continued work with rhythms in preparation for the 4th grade in which students will learn how to play recorders. In 5th grade students are given the choice to take band, strings, or general music. 4th and 5th grade students are also given the option to participate in chorus as a before school club.